Hello one and all,

A little about me, I suppose, which makes sense given the page you’re on. I’m Larry, I have a Master’s degree in English, I have a loving, soulful wife and two beautiful, energetic kids, and I have spent most of my life educating myself about film. Like any hobby or passion, my love for the movies has grown more complex and involving over the years, as I’ve hit major evolutionary touchstones in my appreciation for the craft. Movies can change you if you let them.

I would go into some of my favorite films, or the films that are most important to me if that is a better way of saying it, but that list would be too long and eventually you wouldn’t much care anymore. Let’s just say I think there is greatness in every genre and every form of cinema.

In 2018 I published my first book, John McTiernan: The Rise and Fall of an Action Movie Icon, with McFarland & Co. My second, Tony Scott: A Filmmaker on Fire, dropped in early 2019. I plan on doing more, so stay tuned…

This is a place where I just want to research and write about the movies I enjoy that might not necessarily fit into a book-length topic. Who knows what will pop up, or what I will watch and want to write about. I hope you like it, and if you don’t, well, the internet’s a big place.