Joel Schumacher (1939-2020): Five Essentials

If you were a theater patron in the 1990s, odds are you bought a ticket for a Joel Schumacher film somewhere along the way. For fifteen years, give or take, the costume designer turned filmmaker had his finger on the pulse of pop cinema. He made big hits in all different genres, until Bat Nipples … Continue reading Joel Schumacher (1939-2020): Five Essentials

Forgotten Films Archive, #2: FANDANGO (1985)

Once in a while a film full of stars, loaded with promise and equipped with a wide release plan, will come and go without making so much s a ripple in the zeitgeist, lost in the infinite growing back catalogue of cinema. Sometimes, these flippant dismissals are warranted; other times, they're confounding. Occasionally, but rarely, … Continue reading Forgotten Films Archive, #2: FANDANGO (1985)

The Search for Authenticity: URBAN COWBOY at 40

Time and time again, in the early days of his stardom, matinee idol John Travolta used his newfound celebrity completely dismantling the idea of the matinee idol. The Irish-Italian from New Jersey with the cleft chin, the broad smile, and the endless charm, figured out a way to subvert his golden looks by diving headlong … Continue reading The Search for Authenticity: URBAN COWBOY at 40