TENET Needs to Stay Put

The scenario is too enticing to ignore: Christopher Nolan, one of the most vocal proponents of the cinema - and an outspoken fanboy of the value of the cinematic experience in general - is set to release an epic, time-bending thriller in a few weeks, in a future that is unknown, at a moment where … Continue reading TENET Needs to Stay Put

Make No Mistake, CAPONE Flirts With Greatness

SPOILERS: I plan on discussing certain elements of this movie that should be seen without any prior knowledge. There isn't much to spoil, but just be warned that I will be discussing the magic tricks that are part of this unique experience.¬† There is a fifteen-minute dream sequence early in the second half of¬†Capone, Josh … Continue reading Make No Mistake, CAPONE Flirts With Greatness